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Summer internships.

  1. Nov 12, 2008 #1

    I am looking for summer internships at the moment in the UK or Europe in Physics. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice for placements?

    So far I have applied for the CERN summer internship program, and enquired at GCHQ.

    Many thanks,

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    So you want hands-on-physics? think about what subject area you like the most. Then we I can give some suggestions (pending that it's something remotely applicable).
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    I dont really know, but the subjects I enjoy the most are probably electro/magnetostatics, electrodynamics and plasma physics. Also geophysics.

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    Depending on what year you are in, you get different choices. We can make a little nice bullet list.

    Electric Power systems (a lot of Electromagnetic-applications, like distribution).

    (the only ones I know by heart that have a great deal of business in this area currently).

    For plasma physics, I think you should look into the european and international programs that are researching new fusion reactors. I think england got one (if they still run it?), and ITER in france.

    For geophysics I would recommend that you go to norway, or maybe scotland. There you have a lot of petroleum companies that certainly would like a intern in geophysics. You will probably help out in surveying the caches of crude oil in the north sea.

    Be creative, and even if it's something that you aren't very interested in, just take it anyways. You will get experience, and if it was really boring, you will know.
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    Thanks for the suggestions. Ill check out those companies and see if and when they do internships.
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    You know that it will be extremely nice if you reconnect with both your findings and how it went for you? just a friendly suggestion. :)
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