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Summer Job Ideas

  1. Apr 23, 2007 #1
    Summer Job.... Ideas

    Hello All... I am in kind of a bad position. I am looking for a way to make some decent money this summer. I have applied to a few different internships, but none are looking to promising (I waited way too long). Anyway if anyone haars some great ideas for work over the summer please PLEASE let me know.

    So far I have considered:
    -Data Cable Technician
    -Starting Lawn Mowing Company...

    I also have an idea for a website which I believe could be very successful and am working on a presentation to present the idea to Google in hope to drum up some support.

    My ultimate goal would be to start my own company this summer.

    I am attaching my resume.... so you can get a better feel about who I am..


    NOTE: Forgot to attach resume... it is attached in the post below.
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    Opps Forgot Resume

    Here it is....

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    Do you have a licence to be a bartender?
  5. Apr 23, 2007 #4
    I have the packet that is required to get the license.... I also was looking in becoming CCNA certified.
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    Keep in mind, being a bartender means working from 9-5...........AM that is.
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    Tom, when I was in need of decent jobs/pay early in my marriage (I worked all though high school and college) I chased construction jobs. Sometimes there are pay offsets depending on if the Feds are funding part of the job, or if state regs require you to be paid at union wage scales for certain jobs. You need to get some homework done fast. I was willing to work overtime to get stuff done, and when my employers knew this, I often had more overtime available than I wanted to work (c'mon, now! an 18-hour day is OK once in a while, but 12's and 14's are livable, if you get some breaks). I did this kind of grind until my wife and I could get a place of our own, and I could slack off a little. Good luck.
  8. Apr 23, 2007 #7
    The tips are so amazing though :bugeye: , especially if you land a job in the right bar.

    5am is a bit of a stretch I think :P
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    Well, the bars here close at 2 am. I figure you have to clean up, and close up shop, so you wont get home until at least 5 am. It would be a fun job though, thats for sure. But usually they hire women as bartenders...good looking women at that.
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    I used to run a weekend blues jam at a local tavern with young attractive female bartenders. They took care of me as long as I took care of them ... mix up the songs depending who was in the bar so that the patrons would stay - keep the volume under control so that people could talk and socialize - interact with the crowd so that they wanted to stay longer and buy maybe a few more drinks - provide a little "peer pressure" when somebody was giving the bartenders a hard time, to thin the "creep factor" a bit. It was OK. I could drop in for a weekend afternoon, and pick up $125 or so for about 4 hours work. I had a little tiff with the owner who wanted to squeeze me a bit, so another bar got me for a while until the original guy sweetened it up and I went back with him for the shorter commute and the sweeter bartenders. It is amazing how much alcohol a bar can sell on a Sunday afternoon when the band is doing a good job pulling off "Brown-Eyed Girl", "Long Train Running", "Black Magic Woman", "Red House", or the "T-Bone Shuffle".
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    From what I heard, bartenders don't do much cleaning up. My brothers friend works at a busy bar. It's the Dragon Fly if you ever heard of it. Bartenders are out by 3am or so.
  12. Apr 24, 2007 #11
    Go fishing in the Bering Straight. Have an adventure. Meet other college kids for long hours of hard work and unpredictable pay. Leave with a few stories to tell your friends.
  13. Apr 26, 2007 #12
    I recently applied to a job and 3 days later the recruiter scheduled me for phone interview. I emailed him same day to schedule one for next day, but he never replied. So, I emailed him again but he never replied back. And today he emailed me that they have found a candidate for the job :confused:

    He emailed me about phone interview last Thursday and week later they have found someone else without even giving me chance for interview??? This is such a crock of $hit. :mad:
  14. Apr 26, 2007 #13
    i'd look into getting a job as an assistant system administrator. bartenders usually only clean their station, they guys who hang at the door mop and sweep and some guy comes in the morning to take care of the barf smell.
  15. Apr 26, 2007 #14
    I feel your pain. Last year I went for a summer job interview, thought it was going really well, at the end the interviewer tells me they filled the position two days earlier but thought they would interview me anyway. Meanwhile I was having car trouble at the time so I had to pay for a taxi over there, and risk being late for a class at school. Man was I ever mad...to this day I still refuse to go to that place and spend any money there.
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    Are there any manufacturing plants in your area? If so, they will probably need people to fill in for workers taking their summer vacation. The paper mill that I used to work at hired summer help every year. Since the plant was unionized, these temps got union scale wages for sweeping, hosing floors down, picking up trash, etc.
  17. Apr 26, 2007 #16
    dude with those computer skills you should be able to find something. you should try a temp agency. if you get lucky you might be able to land a temp position that will pay $10-15 an hr.
  18. Apr 26, 2007 #17
    You will make more money if you do a CCNA and become a Network Tech, than tend bars. Depends if you want to move into telecoms world, specifically in IP. But its not a *summer job*...
  19. Apr 26, 2007 #18
    That's sad. I think my recruiter lied to me in the first place. After he emailed me for interview I responded within couple of hours, but he never replied. How the hell he found someone so fast.
  20. Apr 27, 2007 #19
    How about, I will introduce you to a job, if you want one. It is really cool and i am sure you will like it very much then
    I am not sure the boss will accept but if I tell him about your background,...
  21. Apr 27, 2007 #20
    Last summer I had a job driving every single highway in Ontario (total driving ~32,000km) in a specialized van that tests the pavement. Usually about 14 hrs/day 7 days a week for 6 weeks. Ton of overtime work so the money added up fast. I'd recommend looking into some of these engineering/quality control places. Many take summer students.

    I just got an email from my geophysics prof who's looking for a student to swing a sledgehammer all day for seismic readings. :rofl: $10/hr.. maybe I should do it.
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