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Summer Job (Resume)

  1. Feb 2, 2010 #1
    Well I'm pretty happy right now! I just secured myself a summer job for however many of the next few years I need it. It is a construction job, but it pays very, very well. I will have to update my drivers license to a class 3 license so I will be able to drive a relatively large truck, but that's nothing too big since I come from a grain farming family of rural Saskatchewan, I have lots of experience. But, even though I have the position secured, the employer still wants me to send in a resume, so he has it. I am very bad with creating resumes, so I've come here to see if anyone has a template or some insights they would like to share with me in my resume creation process.

    Also: For how long should I keep this job? I was planning on taking this for two years, then the summer of my third year I was planning on looking for something directed more towards my degree. Is this too soon? Too late? Is there such thing as too soon?
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