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Summer plane ticket prices

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    I wanted to go on a trip at the end of the summer, around August 18th or so, but I was hoping the ticket prices would go down. I noticed the prices are a bit higher in the summer. Does anyone know when the prices start to go down again? Thanks.
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    Bing actually does this for you

    For example

    http://www.bing.com/travel/ext/search/air?q=plane+ticket+newark+to+miami+prices&vo1=Newark%2C%20NJ%20(EWR)%20-%20Newark%20Liberty%20International%20Airport&ve1=Miami%2C%20FL%20(MIA)%20-%20Miami%20International%20Airport&dm1=08%2F15%2F2013&dm2=08%2F20%2F2013&tvl_t=r&cid=IA_FlightBookingMarket&FORM=ATRFBM [Broken]

    You can see near the top

    "Tip: Buy·Fares rising $50+·80%+ Confidence"

    Just change search to whenever and wherever you want to go (and uncheck the box that does a duplicate search on priceline.com)
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