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Summer Research/Internships

  1. Dec 28, 2013 #1
    Hello all, I have been having some trouble with deciding what to do this summer and was hoping those of you with experience in the area could give some advice.

    My three options are:
    1. Research at my current university. The pay is $8/hr, with no housing or food allowance. This is the lab I work at during the year and would allow me to really progress with the use of the equipment etc. My main problem is that between the low wage and having to pay for housing and food, I will make no money!

    2. REU (research at another university). Most have a comparable stipend as above but do provide sizable assistance with housing/food.

    3. Naval Research Program (NREIP). Pays $20.25 an hour (nice!) yet may not be in my area of interest exactly (as in may not help with research I focus on during the school year).

    Any one with any opinions here? I really haven't heard much about REUs! My concern is that I wont get any "real" research done at NREIP (Ive done essentially the same program last summer, but to be fair that was just a poor experience because of the group I got stuck with), but wont get any money doing "real" research at school. Tell me if Im wrong about any of this! Thanks.
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    Are there no other possibilities than these three?
    Some private company, for example?
    Depends a lot on what your field of experience is.
  4. Jan 7, 2014 #3
    It depends also on your goals. Are you planning on grad school? I did an REU last summer and hope to do another one this summer. It was a great experience and really helped me focus my interests.
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