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  1. I'm currently looking at research opportunities for next summer. I was wondering if people here could give some recommendations? I'm interested in particle physics, geophysics (mostly solid earth and mantle dynamics sort of stuff), quantum physics, astronomy (including instrumentation) and accelerator physics. I'd be interested at looking at programs which aren't necessarily REUs, but I'll consider almost anything.

    Here are some stats for reference:
    GPA: mid 3.6s before this semester, but after this semester, I'm predicting it will be between high 3.6s and 3.8 (this semester's going a lot better than last year).
    Science GPA: worse - low 3.5s because I barely took science classes but did badly in one last year, so this should be high 3.5s to high 3.7s by the end of this semester.
    Research experience: a summer of research, a semester and counting of research in a different lab. No publications at present.
    School: Top ivy league.

    I'm female, if that opens more opportunities. Does anyone have any recommendations of what to look into?
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  3. I don't have any programs in-particular to suggest, but on the off chance you are not familiar with this search engine, you will find it very helpful:

    There are a good number of programs that cover your interest, though they tend to be more competitive than some of the engineering or chemistry programs. You have good qualifications though (better than mine), so just apply to wherever floats your boat (and as many as possible!). Good luck
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  5. I've heard about SURF, and I'm really interested! Does anyone know how many non Caltech students they usually take?
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    When I did it, the majority of people in my small subsector were non-caltech students.
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