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Summer Research

  1. Mar 20, 2009 #1
    I am a third year student of Integrated M.Sc. Physics in India. My primary research interest is General Relativity, Quantum Gravity and the study of black holes.

    I decided to apply for a summer fellowship in IAS ( Indian Academy of Sciences), where I clearly mentioned my research interests as stated above.

    I have been selected for the fellowship. However, amazingly, I was given a fellowship in National Brain Research Center, Gurgaon, which has almost everything to do with brain research.

    I do not see any connection with my research area, and what I have been allotted.

    I want some help.

    Is there any such connection that I am unaware of?? I still dont understand how I was given such a research facility to work in.

    guide me!!!...
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    No, there's no connection.
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    There may be a couple of issues at play here.

    (1) I would guess that research interests of the student are taken into account where possible in such programs, but they likely don't have too many projects for someone at the 3rd year level involving the subject you've listed and have assigned you to a project that was available, assuming that you would prefer something over nothing.

    (2) It's possible that the funding comes through the brain research centre for your project. Sometimes funding can come from a creative array of sources.

    (3) It's possible someone just messed up and assigned you into the wrong area. Likely the people administrating the fellowship are secretaries and not physicists.

    (4) You're lucky enough to be working with Roger Penrose on orchestrated objective reduction and the consciousness problem.

    My suggestion is to contact the people you're assigned to work with and find out about the project they have in mind. Just because it may not be your first choice doesn't mean you should close the door on it. It could be an opportunity in disguise.
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    Thanks Choppy...

    I have contacted the fellows, and am waiting for a reply (email). I shall return here as soon as I get a reply from them.

    I am not exactly closing the door on this here. I'm open to other areas! thats why i havent said no yet. I am still talking to myassigned guide as to which project she has in mind for me.

    And no, my assigned guide is not Roger Penrose. :P :P Though had I got under him, I would not have started this post at all. There is no doubt as to whether I would be doing a summer research under him or not!!
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