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Summer Research

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    Hello everyone,

    I'm a 3rd year student at Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology.
    What's the benefits of summer programs like SURF in comparison with "visiting scholar" program, when I'll looking for research and contacting professors by myself?

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    To take part in an NIST SURF or NSF REU program, you must be a United States citizen. I'm not really familiar with any programs in the U.S. that are specific to foreign students besides study abroad programs.
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    As for SURF, some of research are available for international students.
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    My mistake. Then I would try to get into a SURF program. These programs are well structured and well thought out, so they will be more beneficial than an informal type of visiting scholar program. They usually have a set of topics or a specific topic that you will pursue throughout the summer. These programs have to reapply for funding each year, so they are usually high quality.
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    Are you sure? Read part of the requirement:

    http://www.surf.nist.gov/pdf/fedreg2010.pdf [Broken]

    There are other summer research programs where international students might qualify, but even then, these are open to international students who are already matriculating at US educational institutions. There are very few (if any, and I haven't see one) programs initiated by US agencies and govt. institutions that are open to international students from outside the US.

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