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Summer Science Program

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    I'm about to be a junior and I'm planning on trying to get into the Summer Science Program (http://www.summerscience.org/home/index.php" [Broken]) next year, but I'm having some doubts about my chances of getting in. My work ethic was really non-existent my freshman year, so I ended up with a B and C in Geometry and an A- and B+ in Biology (both hnrs.). The math classes (algebra II and pre-calc) and science classes (chem and astronomy) I took this past year were all honors and I got A's in all of them, along with the rest of the classes I took. I'm involved with the only science related club we have at our school, and some other music extra-curricular activities.

    I'm thinking that someone on here should be familiar with the program. If you are, do they really only accept the "perfect" students who have gotten all A's in every math and science class they took? What do you think my chances of getting in are?

    On another related note, will those grades in my freshman year completely exclude me from getting into colleges on the level of say University of Chicago, or do I still have a chance as long as I continue to get straight A's and do well on the ACT and SAT?
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    Don't worry so much about your grades. With the right attitude you will have a great educational experience no matter what university you wind up at.

    Ask your teachers if you would be a good candidate for the summer science program. They will probably have to write some sort of recommendation for you.
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