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Summer Solstice

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    I think having sunlight until 8:07PM justifies my waking up at 12:30pm:tongue: :cool: Any summer solstice celebrations going on?

    I found this for Utah and England (at Stonehenge)
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    Typical male - fails to read the caption. "Due to the precession of the Earth's orbital axis over the millennia, the Sun no longer rises over Stonehenge in an astronomically significant way, although the photographer was able to find a good spot where the rising Sun appeared over one of Stonehenge's massive standing stones.

    I am SOOO disappointed in you!! :wink:
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    Oopsies. Yeah, sometimes I just look at the pretty pictures...:rolleyes:
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    I was going to mention that someone needs to move that rock to the right a bit.
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    We are going to celebrate the willow up at bendigo michels by the watering pool.
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