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Summer Student US - Physics

  1. Jan 20, 2013 #1
    Hi all, actually I'm an italian undergraduated physics student, I'm attending my last year at the university UJF of Grenoble with a scolarship from the italian country, infact I'm a student of University of Parma.

    Right now I'm looking forward for this summer, I'd like to join a summer school in the US, considering I'd like to continue my studies in astrophysics which university, and which school, would you recommend?

    My avg is around 27/30 so I don't think I'll be have problems for this kind of requirements :)
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    No advices? :(
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    I think most US universities offer few or no upper-level (third or fourth year) classes during the summer, especially in departments with a relatively small number of students such as physics or astrophysics. Summer is when physics (etc.) students work on research projects or internships, either at their "home" schools or somewhere else.

    You might try to look for REU (Research Experience for Undergraduate) programs that accept students from abroad. Most of these programs are for US students only, but I think some do accept international students.
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