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Summer Sunday Tours at Brookhaven

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    If you are in the NYC/Long Island area, or will be, you may want to make an effort at attending one of the Summer Sunday tours at the Brookhaven National Laboratory.

    http://www.bnl.gov/bnlweb/summer_sundays.htm [Broken]

    This tour is held every year and gives the opportunity for the general public to see actual physics facilities AND to talk to the scientists who are actually using such facilities. I did my postdoc at BNL and even volunteered as a tour guide one summer for this event. While I'm no longer there, I would still highly recommend anyone who has the chance to attend one or more of this tour. Typically, the sundays that highlight the NSLS and RHIC tend to be a lot busier than others (I remember that we had to turn people away one year because we were so packed by Noon).

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