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Summer work for physics

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    I'm in my third year of undergrad mathematical physics, at University of Alberta, Canada. I want to find a job this summer that pays decently, but is strongly related to my field. Thing is, I don't know where to start looking really, do you guys have any suggestions?

    Thanks in advance
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    I do. Ask your professors about REU opportunities. It might have a slightly different name at your university, but REUs are basically paid summer research opportunities for undergraduates. It's not a "job" per se. But you make about the same amount of money, and your research will be in some area of physics.
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    We have them at our university in Auckalnd NZ, they pay better than a summer job and are tax free :D
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    Yes, in Canada the equivalent are "NSERC USRA"'s - "National Science and Engineering Research Council of Canada Undergraduate Research Awards".

    It might be a little late to apply for these now, but it might be worth looking at some of the university websites to see if there are any whose deadlines haven't passed yet.

    You can also try looking at TRIUMF, out at UBC, to see if they're still taking applications for any summer jobs: www.triumf.ca. Unfortunately, I think all of the jobs listed under "Undergraduate Student Jobs" had a deadline of Jan 24th, but who knows, something might open up in the future.

    You can also try this, whose deadline is still open:

    http://cqiqc.physics.utoronto.ca/job-openings/CQIQC2007.pdf [Broken]

    At very least, if you're not going to graduate next year (or even if you are), these are things to keep in mind for next year.
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    Hmm, are there anything besides REUs in the summer?
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    Doesn't your university offer COOP?
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