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Summertime Physics Study

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    Ok so I was just hoping if I could get some learning material over the summer. I have currently finished first year calculus and am ready to learn vector calculus/multivariable calculus. I have also finished first year physics. I would like to know enough math to learn General Relativity and then Quantum Mechanics later on.

    I am planning on watching as many MIT video lectures as possible, however there doesn't seem to be enough actual calculating and practicing with the math, so could anyone suggest some online material (free) that I could use to practice the math and physics I learn.

    Anything I could use to get to GR and QM eventually would be great, thanks!


    (this is for the summertime, I am starting first year college afterwards, however I cannot wait!)
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    The math you want to study is differential geometry/tensors for general relativity. With your current experience, you probably don't want to attack this just yet - it won't be very productive.

    Maybe get a dover book on linear algebra and work though the material and all the problems?
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