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Sun- black body

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    So as I understand a perfect black body in physics would be one that would absorbs all the radiation wavelengts coming onto it ad let nothing out?
    If sun is a black body, we all know it emits both visible wavelenght, UV and other.The vast majority of the spectrum being in the visible light region.So should I assume that what frequency of EM is mostly coming out of sun is dependant on the surface temperature?
    For example if the surface temp. would be different the sun would let different kind of wavelenght out?
    And if I am correct does that mean that the temperature corresponds to the movement in atoms and that is responsible for the frequency which passes through?

    I am deeply sorry if i posted something terrible wrong , just in case.

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    Not true at all - as you appear to know from your next sentence.

    Blackbody spectrum is completely determined by temperature. If the surface temperature were different, the spectrum would be different.

    Temperature is directly related to the energy distribution of the particles (ions) on the surface of the sun.
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