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SunAssure: Sunscreen in a Pill

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    Heard a radio commercial for this and looked it up:
    http://sunassure.com/science.cfm [Broken]

    This is downright evil and a perfect example of both why all supplements should be by-default regulated by the FDA as drugs and why fraudulent health claims should be harshly punished, with both civil and criminal penalties. Attempted murder sounds about right to me. This makes my blood boil.
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    Indeed. This can and will fool a lot of people. This is outrageous.
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    Why aren't there strict laws against this kind of fraud? Oh, maybe it's because of the multi-billion dollar supplement manufacturer's lobbies and fools that believe this idiocy.

    I love that they have a tab for "science" and there's nothing there, not even an attempt at word salad. This is nothing but a very weak supplement of a few vitamins. Perhaps we should start an online petition at that Whitehouse petition site to regulate these criminals.
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    So basically this pill supposedly creates melanin. Something tells me they're not telling the truth about their product... I wonder what it could be.
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