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Sunday Silly ;)

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    left keys.jpg
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    One time while working at a dept store in the appliances section, I transferred the register key to a manager while went to help unload a delivery truck.

    When i came back an hour later, he couldnt find the key and we both got grilled by the store manager about what happened. They were ready to go into lockdown when i found the key in a bag of parts of a tv stand i was putting together.

    We had done this transfer several times before and duped ourselves in believing we had done this time too. To be fair we would transfer the funny looking register and a keyring of glass cabinet keys so that made it more plausible.

    I was in my golden twenties then and the manager was going over the hill.
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    I have found myself more and more absent minded as the yrs have gone by :smile:
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    Not me. I've got a memory like an elephant. Now if I could just remember where I put the peanuts.
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    The golden years are not whats promised in the brochures :oldcool:
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