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Sunshade for the earth?

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    I am wondering if it would be possible to install a sunshade in the upper atmosphere which would move along with the earth and shade parts of the earth which are being affected by drought. If a sheet, 100 ft square were unfolded 30 or so miles up would it crumple? stay there? Is this comic book thinking or could it be possible?
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    How will less sunlight remedy a lack of water? (Why not a pipeline from a desalination plant?)
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    I'm assuming that too much sun equals too much heat and if it cools down maybe, in time, it might rain. Or at least the earth will stop baking in the heat. As I said, this might be comic book thinking.

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    The only theoretical use of sun shades as of now, are for global warming purposes. I believe sciencitist have already purpose possible putting sun shades at the poles, to help keep them from melting.
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    I did another search and found that Ph.D.Roger Angel, Prof. of astronomy and optical sciences at the Univ.of Arizona, Tucson is doing a study on the feasibility, cost and time it would take to set up such a shade at


    Pretty interesting stuff.

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