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SUNY Geneseo

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    Hey, I'm a junior is high school and am begining my college search. I am most interested in engineering. While I am most interested in SU or RIT they are too expensive atleast for my entire undergrad. I am wondering if any of you know how good or beneficial it is to instead go to Geneseo and participate in their 3-2 program(http://www.geneseo.edu/~pogo/3-2Engineering/3-2Engineering.htm) This way I could earn two bachelor degree's. One in Physics from Geneseo and hopefully an Aerospace one from SU. If anyone has any knowldege or experience with this can you please share? Or any input on my route would be greatly appreciated.
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    While Geneseo is a really great SUNY, I suggest that you look into one of the other SUNY schools that have an actual engineering program, such as Stony Brook or Binghamton.
    Also, some private schools that concentrate primarily on Engineering and related disciplines, such as Clarkson, may give large amounts of academic-based financial aid to well qualified applicants (I'd assume that since you are considering Geneseo, you have decent grades and SAT scores).
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    I am also wondering if anyone knows how RIT's Mech Eng. degree with aerospace option would size up against a true aerospace eng. degree from a comprable school.
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