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Super clusters

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    does anyone have information about super clusters?
    will all galaxies eventualy end up in a super cluster?
    if not has there ever been an estimate as to how much
    of the mass of our universe will escape clustering?
    will these super clusters be so far appart that gravitational
    influence will be negligable?
    lots of questions sorry for that, but it seems to be a
    subject with little info on the web.
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    I always found superclusters fascinating. They give to the universe an spongeous structure.
    We live in the Virgo supercluster.
    These are the 3 nearer superclusters, with their distance in Mega light years :
    -The Hydra-Centaurus supercluster 128.7 Mly
    -The Phoenix supercluster 270.6 Mly
    -The Coma supercluster 300 Mly
    There's a nice map of superclusters in this page:
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    thanks METEOR, that is a great site.
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    FYI, Hubble's "Deep Field 2" is being released next month and may contain answers to some of those questions. Hubble spent something like 9 months straight looking at the same tiny piece of "quiet" (dark, unoccupied) sky with its upgraded imaging equipment. It should give us some insight into the very, very, very large scale and old structure of the unvierse.

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