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Super Duper Computer

  1. Oct 3, 2004 #1

    Anyone here have any 'teraflop' video arcade games available for download?

    I suppose the desktop and laptop 'teraflop' computer versions should be released out by next year...

    http://archive.harktheherald.com/archive_detail.php?archiveFile=./pubfiles/prv/archive/2004/September/29/Financial/48714.xml&start=0&numPer=20&keyword=teraflop&sectionSearch=&begindate=1%2F1%2F1997&enddate=12%2F31%2F2004&authorSearch=&IncludeStories=1&pubsection=&page=&IncludePages=&IncludeImages=&mode=allwords&archive_pubname=Heraldextra.com%0A%09%09%09 [Broken]
    http://archive.harktheherald.com/archive_detail.php?archiveFile=./pubfiles/prv/archive/2002/November/19/Business/47009.xml&start=0&numPer=20&keyword=teraflop&sectionSearch=&begindate=1%2F1%2F1997&enddate=12%2F31%2F2004&authorSearch=&IncludeStories=1&pubsection=&page=&IncludePages=&IncludeImages=&mode=allwords&archive_pubname=The+Daily+Herald%0A%09%09%09 [Broken]
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    Right now DOOM 3 is being beta tested for linux, so this will be a great oppurtunity to see the maximum capabilities of the game.
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    not really. all you need for max performance in the way of the game logic and processing is a 2 GHz AMD 2500+. what kills Doom3 in performance is the video card. you need a video card that has all the modern codec abilities built in and has 512 MBs of video memory in order to run the game at full details.

    now you may say "hey wait a minute, there are no such cards" well, your right.
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    512MB graphics cards

    Nvidia Quadro FX 4400?
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    full cad and model building design card..
    Right now, my 9800XT 256MB, P4 3.06GHz, 1GB RAM, will run Doom3 in highest detail in 1024x768, with a little overclocking. :smile:
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