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Homework Help: Super fun physics CWK!

  1. Nov 1, 2004 #1
    My experiment is simple in essence:
    Its title is, “times for a trolley to roll down slopes of differing lengths and inclinations.” So basically I have a slope and I let a trolley slide down it from differing lengths and inclinations timing how long it takes to get to the bottom of the slope – I have done this with 6 different lengths and of 3 different inclinations, all quite small scale, e.g. having the rise at 0.154m and the run at 1.46m.

    I have got my results, the experiments outline, the method etc, but alas, as yet I have no aim! Could you help me come up with an aim? I have thought about looking at the speed of the trolley sliding down the slope, but the maths is too simple; I have thought about acceleration, possibly analysing the initial velocity and final velocity, but I think they are all mathematically unchallenging. Does anyone know of a formula linking all my variables together? Or could point me in the right directon?

    Recently, i have thought of experimenting with compering the angle of the slope with the speed - could you help with that, give me some ideas of how to forulate it?

    Thanks in advance...
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