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Super hero super power physics

  1. Dec 18, 2003 #1
    heres the situation...ive got a physics project due tommorrow..and i need help. for this project i have to pick a superhero and find 3 physics related powers that he or she has.

    my hero is wolverine..so far i have heightened hearing.. i talked to my teacher and he said he has force to do with his adamantium skeleton..but im not sure how to explain that...umm im sure most of you are familiar with wolverine's super powers..claws, super fast healing, adamantium skeleton, hightened senses.

    i have to explain the physics behind each power but at the moment i only have his hearing. my teacher was talking abotu sheer force for either the skeleton or the claws.. the claws can tear through almost anything .. so if thats physics related it would help if i knew.. this is due tommorrow..can someone please help.. if you could tell me which powers used physics..and a site that explained the physics id be infinitely greatful...thankss...please reply soon
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    Wolverine is a hard character to deal with. If I had to do the assignment, I would pick Magneto- since his superpower physics would be simple to produce. But if you insist on finding the physics on superhuman strength, maybe look into Biophysics(the physics of energy displacment or usage). And the skeleton would have to be more dense (stronger) than bone, so first look for the molecules that make up a very strong structure. I'm not sure man, but reply back and tell us what grade you received!
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    unfortuntely its too late to change..and someone else already picked magneto and i cant use biophysics...he doesnt want us using that.. umm do you guys know anything about forces? or optics? how someone sees? cuz i could use that and his claws slash through things..so that has to be physics related... but idono any suggestions besides changing my character..cuz if i could i would but i cant
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    oh and is one of wolverines powers super strength?? i dont think so..hes just a very skilled fighter..but if worst comes to worst..i guess ill put that..i dont think my teacher will care about the authenticity.. btw i need three powers..just so you know..
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    ok ive been doing some researching..but unfortunately not enuff... dont shear(i spelled it incorrectly before) forces have to do with cuting something..so therefore i could explain shear forces when it comes to wolverines claws cutting something??? if this is right.. id appreciate if you guys could show me a site that explains shear forces in detail..thanks
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    Shear forces come from having 2 forces on something that try to split it; like scissors. Single blades do not exert shear forces.
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    what about for a blade?? what type of physics would be behind that?
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    the force of momentum? and 2nd law of thermodynamics?
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    That's not true. A shear force, as opposed to a normal force, is any force that acts tangentially to the contact surface (or whatever you defined as the cross sectional area). Friction between a block and a table, for example, is a shear force. A single blade cutting through the middle of a substance is actually in double shear, since there are two shear planes (either side of the blade).

    As far as Wolverine goes, I don't know. Maybe you could look into the physics of cutting? I think the problem with super-heroes is that their attributes are usually only tangentially related to reality. What else has he got: super-fast healing and enhanced animal instincts?
  11. Dec 19, 2003 #10
    well i used his vision .. optics and hearing .. and his super strength.. strength i barely had stuff though..unfortunately.. if you guys want i could post it up...
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