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Super noob question

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    since we know that black holes give off hawking radiation and slowly evaporates, and time seems to come to a screeching halt near a black hole. if you were to move into a black hole would it evaporate before you reach the very center?
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    If you fell into a BH time would not slow down for you. In a stellar mass black hole you would have little time to live. Basically you would be shredded and compressed in short order.

    It is only a person far outside the black hole watching you who would see you moving in slow-mo. He would not see the last split splat of your life that transpired after you fell thru the horizon. He would only see you as you fell down right to the horizon. And he would see that episode stretched way way out in HIS time. If he kept watching it would seem to him that it took you hours to fall the last little ways to the horizon.

    But according to your own pulse and timesense and wristwatch, you would whip thru the horizon and continue falling to the center in a flash.

    Meanwhile the hole would have billions and billions more years of life (after it ate you and) before it evaporated.
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    I highly recommend that you read Neil deGrasse Tyson's book Death by Black Hole.
    It will effectively answer this, as well as other questions you might have.
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