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Super-size baby

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    Ivan Seeking

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    Photograph: Elizabeth Ruiz/EPA

    I should hope that he came by C section!!!

    Carol Burnett
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    I think a career in sumo wrestling is in his future.
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    They didn't give much in the way of details. I'm wondering about the size of the mother and any untreated health problems she may have had during pregnancy to have such an obese baby (just looking at him, he's not just a long baby, but really fat looking too). I'm only guessing that prenatal care was not fully adequate for the mother if this size baby came as a surprise, especially after the first one she had was also big (the article does mention that). Usually they'd be doing ultrasounds to check the growth of the fetus in such a case and it wouldn't be such a surprise at birth, so either she didn't seek much prenatal treatment, or it wasn't available to her.

    If they aren't finding anything wrong with the baby, my thinking is that it's the mother that may have a health problem and should be examined. With a large size baby like that, they'll have to watch him for signs of diabetes. Very high and very low birth weight babies are at higher risk for developing diabetes.
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    10.2 kg baby,that's nealry 25lbs as the world record:surprised jesus that must of been some delivery, probably a 48 hour job:bugeye: :eek:
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    A case of cut-&-paste, judging from the article.
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    Negative. Canada AM had it on video.
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    How big are mamma and daddy??

    EDIT:Imagine a small poodle gets fertilized by a german shepherd.
    Will the poodle have pregnancy problems?
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