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Super Sonic Flight

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    If a sound source flying at a speed faster than a sound, it will produce a Mach cone and shockwave, like the figure. But what will happen if the frequency changes continuously during the flight?

    thanks for help!

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    What frequency are you talking about?
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    The frequency of the emitted sound from the source.
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    I'm not understanding the question.
    But, if you are looking for a way to mitigate the shock wave, I read somewhere about Air-Force experiments that ionized the surrounding air while in-flight and thus affected the formation of the shock wave.
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    A supersonic shock wave is not the sound of the airplane, it's a pressure wave pushed ahead of the plane by the wings, nose, etc. And, afaik, since it's a shock, it doesn't really have any frequency.
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    Actually, it has a very broad spectrum of frequencies. (A temporally narrow pulse has a very broad Fourier transform and vice versa.)
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