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Superb Formalism between Charge, Mass and Geometrix

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    The main point of this formalism is the fact that just like the charges attract/repeal and that way cause changes in their geometrixes; the geometrixes also attract/repeal and that way cause changes in their charges. You can find my findings about this formal equalty between the Charge, the Mass and the Geometrix (which is the position in geometrical space) on this page:


    I'd like to read what you have to write about it?!
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    Any Comment?
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    There's a paragraph in your web that i don't understand:
    "The geometrixes as well attract or repeal and that way make changes in their charges (the positions in electrical space)"

    I think that the charge of a particle is supposed to be invariant
    Maybe you could explain it better :)
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    I'll sugest you to reconcider the blue equations on the page:

    when you view the whole thing from the geometrical space:

    -opposite charges attract;same repeal
    -opposite masses repeal;same atract

    when you view the whole thing from the electrical space:

    -opposite masses attract;same repeal
    -opposite geometrixes repeal;same atract

    when you view the whole thing from the gravitational space:

    -opposite geometrixes attract;same repeal
    -opposite charges repeal;same atract

    use the lifter while you are thinking about it.I mean the equation Dc*Qp=dc*qp can be considered as if Dc is the one action end, dc is the other reaction end while Qp is the action charge (on the Dc end) and qp is the reaction charge (on the dc end).This way you are in geometrical space where the charges do the attraction/repulsion.
    But then again you can all rearange by swiching the places of charges and ends (Qp with Dc,qp with dc) and then you pass into electrical space where the geometrixes do the attraction/perulsion.

    I don't know if you're getting my point but...
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    I can't see any blue equation in the page you gave
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    you use a language very non-standard and I practically don't have idea of what you are talking about

    First: What are those electrical spaces and gravitational spaces? Do they exist in a different dimension of our ordinary space?
    Second: Mass and charge are not vectors
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    X-type of space is X-type of metrical space where X-type of punctuations appear and float.X=any of(charge,mass,geometrix);

    mass and charge are as well vectors as geometrix is. remember that 1D is special case of 3D and 3D is general case of 1D so 3D covers all aplicable on 1D and more.so it wont hurt if mass and charges were considered as 3D vecotrs.
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