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Superconducting energy gap

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    I need some clarification on what is meant by the energy gap of a superconductor.

    From my own understanding, is is caused by the manifestation of cooper pair, and hence can not obey fermi-dirac statistics, but abides with bose-einstein statistics.

    However, I feel that this reasoning is not what is required, any other explainations I would appreciate thanks in advance.

    Also can this be measured using neutron scattering and quantum tunnelling?

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    The superconducting energy gap is the energy in the single-particle spectrum that is needed to break up a cooper pair. That is the simplest explanation of what it is. In conventional superconductors, this energy gap tells you how strong the "glue" is in causing the paring of the electrons (or holes) to form such pairs.

    This energy gap can be measured via many experiments, including tunneling, optical conductivity, photoemission, neutron scattering, etc.

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    excelent thats what I needed to know, thanks

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