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Superconductivity awkward

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    Superconductivity...... awkward

    Superconductivity says that below certain temperature, certain materials offer 0 resistance to the current flowing through them......
    But how is this possible ??? resistance offered is because of loss of kinetic energy of electrons due to collision with atoms' nuclei, which will always happen however low temperature is attained .... will you please explain ??
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    Superconductivity involves a cooperative interaction between specially paired electrons ("Cooper pairs") and distortions in the crystal lattice (phonons). These conspire to effectively eliminate collisions. The effect is quantum mechanical, and cannot really be pictured in terms of classical models.
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    I have very little knowledge of Quantum physics, but I have read that it says about probability wave of particles.
    What I understood through your post is that some how electrons flow through the vacancies present in the crystal of the material, and hence they avoiding collisions. Have i got it right ??
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    You need to look up what you have been told, i.e. "Cooper Pairs" and why that results in a from of a condensate having something called "long range order". It requires knowledge beyond just the usual "electron flow".


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