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Superconductor vs conductor ?

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    Greetings !

    I was wondering how (or if) a superconducor can be
    connected to a "normal" conductor in an electric
    circuit ? I guess the conductor-superconductor connection
    is easy, but how do you avoid problems at the reverse
    connection - do you need some amplifier or something.

    Also, what would happen if the current was generated in the
    superconductor, and no enitial voltage is applied to the conductor ?

    Thanks ! :smile:
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    The superconductor is just another conductor, it just happens to have very low resistance.
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    So there're no special problems - space charges/overheating
    in the connections (beyond the standard) ?

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    The last site that you linked for me had a little discussion about that. Maybe you're looking for more detail. It spoke of the internal resistance of the voltage source and a switch that could be closed that would have a slight resistance. I can't remember what that link was off the top of my head.

    Here it is:
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    Yeah, thanks, I read that, I just wanted a bit more info -
    if anyone got some good links or something on actual circuits.

    Also, I should've said that first too - I was wondering if it's
    possible to make a power source with no internal
    resistence by using a superconductor ?

    Thanks. :smile:
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