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Superferromagnetism and CoFe Nanoparticle Ensembles

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    I know technically this is a homework problem and may not belong here, if so I'm sorry.

    I'm a new grad student and the first semester we are required to take a Research Methods class, esentially we are learning to read scientific papers and give presentations. It has been a number of years since my undergrad, and truthfully I wasn't all that stellar of an undergrad anyways, so I'm finding working my way through a paper to be very difficult.

    I have to give a short presentation to my class explaining the abstract of the paper I have chosen on Friday (Oct 12th). I've read over it a few time, and spent quite a few hours researching terms on the internet but still have a few holes I was hoping someone could help clear up.

    Title: Overcoming the Dipolar Disorder in Dense CoFe Nanoparticle Ensembles: Superferromagnetism

    by S. Bedanta et al. publish April 25 2007 Physical Review Letters


    "In a dense ensemble of physically nonpercolating FM nanoparticles embedded in a [Co80Fe20/Al2O3]10 multilayer"

    physically nonpercolating - they don't interact ?
    [Co80Fe20/Al2O3]10 - Some kind of material, maybe an insulator?

    "The long discussed superferromagnetic (SFM) state has been evidenced by imaging homogeneously magnetized SFM domain patterns"

    superferromagntism - similar to superparamagnitism, so it works above the Curie point, but stays a magnet for a long time?

    domain patterns - on or off????

    "with x-ray photoemission electron microscopy and magneto-optical Kerr microscopy"

    xpeem and Kerr - are they viewing it magnatism?

    "Competing dipolar and exchange interactions give rise to extremely rough domain walls similarly as in hard multigrain magnets"

    Competing dipolar and exchange interactions - sorry, no clue??

    rough domain walls - clear cut changes from one state to another??

    hard multigrain magnets - hard magnets would have high saturation, high coercivity a permanent magnet, multigrain means nanoparticles??

    "The SFM state is characterized by extreme magnetic softness and higher order tunneling conductivity due to atomically small intercalated particles promoting the SFM order"

    magnetic softness - the magnetic dipoles switch from aligning in one direction to aligning in the oppisite direction very easily, very little coercivity.

    higher order tunneling conductivity - no idea???

    atomically small intercalated particles promoting the SFM order - this is really the grand finale of huh!? statements.


    Any help would be appreciated, if I didn't site this correctly feel free to yell at me so I can correct it, the last thing I want to do is step on anyone's toes, especially after they have worked so hard.

    Thank you
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