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Superfluid : A gallon, please

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    What is the biggest quantity of superfluid that has ever been made so far? Is it in the "macroscopic" range? Will the superfluidity be destroyed by photographing the stuff? Can one get a snapshot of it creeping up the bucket's wall, etc?
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    A superfluid is a simple fuild and it's state is not destroyed by simple photography. I do not know the "biggest quantity" of superfluid made. So when you photograph a superfluid the perturbing energy wiil get transferred to
    the system that is maintaining its state.
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    Well, one of the most common examples of superfluid is liquid Helium-4 cooled to below 2.17K. I don't know exactly what the "biggest quantity" is, but if you've ever seen dewar flasks of liquid nitrogen you can probably guess that it's a fair amount, and certainly macroscopic. No, photography doesn't destroy superfluidity, and can you see some photos (though not terribly clear ones I'm afraid) here.
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