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Superfluidity filmed?

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    Anyone knows of any website where I could find a film clip of the superfluidity phenomenon?
    Just curious to see such a weird behaviour with my own eyes
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    I doubt its been filmed
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    what is superfluidity?
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    Why would you say that? I would think it would be rather easy to film. I also have wanted to see what it looks like instead of hearing it second-hand from physics professors who go on and on about how weird it looks.
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    TX LURCH, good site !

    Unfortunately I did not find here any video of the most famous (and probably most spectacular) superfluidity behaviour, the one I'm actually looking for: the superfluid climbing up the container wall and flowing over the top ....
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    If so, do you know of any internet site where a videoclip can be found ?
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    In french:
    http://www.ujf-grenoble.fr/PHY/FOREXPER/TPhelium/pages/Presentation%20film.html [Broken]

    It starts with a series of other cryogenic experiments (superconducting Meissner effect, paramagnetism of oxygen), but then it goes on to liquid and superliquid helium. It shows how the liquid stops bubbling and it shows the liquid flowing out of the container. Very nice.

    (First hit on http://www.alltheweb.com/search?cat=vid&q=helium.)
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    TX Pieter !! :-)
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