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Superfluidity filmed?

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    Anyone knows of any website where I could find a film clip of the superfluidity phenomenon?
    Just curious to see such a weird behaviour with my own eyes
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    I doubt its been filmed
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    what is superfluidity?
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    Why would you say that? I would think it would be rather easy to film. I also have wanted to see what it looks like instead of hearing it second-hand from physics professors who go on and on about how weird it looks.
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    Take a look at this.
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    TX LURCH, good site !

    Unfortunately I did not find here any video of the most famous (and probably most spectacular) superfluidity behaviour, the one I'm actually looking for: the superfluid climbing up the container wall and flowing over the top ....
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    If so, do you know of any internet site where a videoclip can be found ?
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    TX Pieter !! :-)
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