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Medical Superior memory

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    I always thought superior memory is interesting, for instance in people who have detailed flashbacks of their childhood or in people who, during a near-death-experience, have a 'life review' in which they re-experience their life in a matter of minutes or seconds. But what is it that improves memory so dramatically?
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    Here is another newsstory about the same woman:

    So it seems they dont have a clue yet what causes this 'hyperthymestic syndrome'.
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    Apparently diet can effect superior memory

    1: Zhong Yao Cai. 2000 Apr;23(4):214-6. Related Articles, Links

    [Improving memory effects of eel oil capsule on memory obstruction of mice hurt by anisodine]

    [Article in Chinese]

    He R, Mei X, Gao M, Xu D, Xu S.

    Zhongshan University, Guangzhou 510275.

    The effects of eel oil capsule on memory obstruction of mice were observed in step-down test, step-through test, Y-maze test and Japanese labyrinth test. The results indicated that the eel oil capsule treating group with dosages of 0.234, 0.702 and 2.106 g/kg markedly enhance the acquirement, strengthing and reappearance of memory, having the functions of improving brain memory hurt by Anisodine.

    PMID: 12575128 [PubMed - indexed for MEDLINE]



    Also a recent clinical trial (over 5 years) with people over 60, at risk for memory loss and related diseases, were found to improve their memory by over 40 percent simply by excercising for 20 minutes a day, 3 days a week.

    I'll look up a confirmation for that.
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    Ivan Seeking

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    My wife Tsu is like this. Give her not only the date, but even the time down to the minute, and she can tell you exactly what I was doing wrong.
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    I've encounter a similar efficiency in my wife. Its an example of superior as well as selective memory.

    Here's one study on excercise and enhanced memory (in mice)

    http://www.sfn.org/content/Publications/BrainBriefings/exercise.html [Broken]

    And another on excercise and better memory functions in humans

    from this great site: http://sln.fi.edu/brain/exercise.htm [Broken]

    While searching out articles on the mind-body connection you may run into results like "excercises for the brain" which include regular discussion groups, cross word puzzles and even video gaming for adults. These are also methods of restoring or enhancing memory capacities in humans.

    The phenomenon of restoring memory and brain functions relates to my thread on Neuroplasticity (https://www.physicsforums.com/showthread.php?t=114534) and can apply to seniors who have lost some of their memory capacity. These symptoms can be reversed without drugs or surgery... simply by using neuronal behavioral modification through physical and mental excercises. Certainly, there has to be the will to use these techniques in the subject.
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    This woman is extremely interesting. Oliver Sacks often quotes a Russian Neurologist, A.R. Luria, who wrote a study of a man with a super-memory. That man, however, was very different than this woman in that he spontaneously used a wide variety of mneumonic devices. This woman doesn't seem to do that or make any effort whatever. Particularly strange is that she seems to remember things that are of no importance to her whatever. That is the opposite of all memory training programs I've read about, which instruct you to associate the thing you want to remember with some outlandish or shocking image. The rule of thumb is: the more emotional valence the better.

    On the other hand, emotional overwhelm is known to cause the hippocampus to fire improperly which is reasoned to be the cause of amnesia for horrible experiences. If you're too emotionally charged up you become unable to form proper memories. Rather than "repressing" bad memories after the fact, they now think people actually can't form them properly in horrible situations to begin with.
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