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Superluminal jets/sources

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    Im not going to pretend to be more educated than I am.

    Now I know the usual explanation is that the jet is at a pretty significant angle in relation to the observer.

    But, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Superluminal_motion makes it seem the jet truly is travelling FTL.

    I was just wondering what the most current accepted explanation is on apparent superluminal jets, academics wise?

    And if it truly is apparently travelling faster than c, is there any explanation? I have a hard time throwing away one of the most sound principles in Physics.
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    The explanation is given right there in the Wikipedia article. What part did you not understand?
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    Okay Im sorta confused. Is it saying that the jet is truly faster than light? Or is it kinda the same as, for example flicking a laser across the moon and the "point" is technically FTL but is otherwise meaningless as there is no linear superluminal motion and no information being transferred?

    Sorry, and thank you for your time.
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