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Stargazing Supernova Contest

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    I have read that IK Pegasi B is the white dwarf most likely to supernova in our galactic neighborhood. Are any other white dwarfs under consideration?

    My vote goes to AN Ursae Majoris B. (a polar white dwarf about 124 light years away, I think)

    Has this star ever been considered by anyone, anywhere?

    Thanks again to all you geeks and nerds who are naturally good at research. I mean that in the best way.
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    Any links to this I cant find any reference to AN Ursae Majoris B

    There are to AN Ursae Majoris or to 47 Ursae Majoris B, but not to your reference

    info on AN Ursae Majoris is behind a paywall

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    Do you have any reason you might think this is a SN candidate? In particular, given that there are zero polars with combined masses even close to the Chandrasekhar Limit, why do you think this one is beyond it?

    This game of "I pick a random star in the sky and you guys tell me why it can't supernova" will get very old, very quickly.
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