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Supernova energy

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    where does most of the energy arise in a type 2 supernova event? is it thermonuclear or the change form gravitiational energy to kinetic during the collapse?

    is the answer the same for a type 1 event..

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    A type II supernova results from gravitational collapse of a massive star. A type I supernova is due to detonation of matter siphoned from a companion star. There is a fairly strict limit on the mass of material that can be accreted before detonation [the Chandrasekhar limit], hence, their relatively uniform absolute luminosity. The luminosity of Type II supernova is obviously variable, but, the really big ones probably have pretty consistent outputs.
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    thanks for the reply...
    so ..
    type 2 ...gravitational collapse energy is the main source
    type 1 ...thermonuclear reaction energy is the main source

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