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A Supernova equation of state

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    On what does the stiffnes/softness of the SN EOS depends? How does it change with temperature, progenitor mass, or other parameters like compresibility, symmetry energy etc? Would softening in NS EOS lead to softening in SN EOS?

    Tnx, Cheers
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    hi there
    welcome to PF :smile:

    you have marked you thread at level A = post graduate level
    what study / research have you done yourself so far with this topic so we can get an idea of where you are at ?

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    Hi Dave,

    well, I am doing a PhD on the Equation of state topic... however, my EOS in for infinite nuclear matter and neutron stars, that is high densities, T=0 and taking into account only neutrons, protons and electrons as degrees of freedom. I made an extension on one of the standard used models (relativistic mean field model with density dependent couplings) and with it i am getting the softening of the EOS for NS. I am curious if it is possible to predict any changes for CCSN EOS that can be deduced from the NS EOS softening, that is, if it will also soften... since the densities are quite different and for CCSN the T is included...

    So am trying to learn a bit more about CCSN EOS :)
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