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Supernovae Ia and dark energy

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    Hey! I made a similar question in another post and it was really useful, but I'd like to learn more about this relation, and why the propieties of SNe Ia make them so special, so we can call them standard candels and how did they lead us to the discovery of Dark Energy.

    Thank you!!!:smile:
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    Sn1a is easy. Mass accreates upon the white dwarf member of a binary system until it reaches the Chandreskar limit and detonates. The dark energy part arises because distant supernova are not as bright as predicted.
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    what would be, say, a table of sn1a redshift discrepancies that occur parallel to the dimness? would there be a dimness tabulation with that? or where could i find some?
    sigh, .. relegated to library computers for a while
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