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Superposition in particles

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    Einstein proved dualty in light & debroglie suggested dualty in matter.we know superposition takes place in light which destructive & constructive patterns.can't these be possible in particles then?
    I personally think that such phenomena occur but cannot be detected properly.
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    Firstly I believe this should be in the Quantum Physics section, and to answer your question yes, all particles are quantizations of a corresponding field which is the essence of Quantum Field Theory (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Quantum_field_theory). Another idea is of a wavefunction collapse, this is in which a particle is in a superposition of all possible states which is defined as a probability amplitude. The collapse of the wave function is when a particle is observed in a specific state, but following Heisenberg's Uncertainty Principle there will always be some degree of deviation.
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    thank u for ur reply.
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