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Superposition of magnetic fields

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    a short question: can I use the superposition principle for magnetic fields?

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    Of course you can. Do you have a specific problem in mind?
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    yes, I do...
    (hard to explain without circuit diagrams but)

    I am working with magnetically coupled loop antennas. In my tests I have one transmitter antenna+a receiving antenna. Then a coupling coil consisting of 2 coil connected with a wire, so that one of the coils interfaces with the rx the other with the tx.)

    Tx antenna generates an alternating magnetic field, current is induced in the1st coupling coil, magnetic field is created in the 2nd coupling coil and finally a voltage is induced in the rx coil. :-)

    Problem is that rx antenna+the 2 coils in the coupling coils are closely spaced, so that all the magnetic fields interact.

    I need to visualize the magnetic field lines at the rx position, but Im not sure how to do it since there are incident magnetic fields and induced ones.

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    Claude Bile

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    Superposition will work in free space, but not necessarily inside a medium.

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