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B Supersonic rockets

  1. Jul 28, 2017 #1
    if you and your friend ride a supersonic rocket , do you can listen to your friend voice ?
    I mean if you travel faster than sound will you can hear anything ,It's difficult to imagine.
    And thanks so much,
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    I'm assuming that you mean you are both out in the still air and that you want to ignore other noises. If you are side-by-side or ahead of him, no. If you are straight behind him, then yes. Anything in between depends on the angle between the two of you. There is a cone behind him within which his voice can be heard.
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    Presumably the rocket you are in is a sealed container with air inside it.
    The whole rocket including yourself, your friend, and the air inside it are traveling at the same speed.
    So you will be able to talk to them normally.
    The fact that the rocket is traveling supersonically in relation to air at the surface of Earth is irrelevant.
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