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Superstring theory

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    lately higgs is found
    than how about string theory
    example string's position
    strings will destroy??
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    Is this a haiku?? :smile:

    String theory, if it has any value, deals only with physics at extremely high energy, near the Planck scale. It doesn't tell us anything about what to expect from LHC results, and the LHC does not help us understand string theory.
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    i need more ..
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    You need more WHAT ???

    Your question doesn't make any sense, so it is difficult to know what it is you intend to ask.
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    specific i want to know is
    higgs give mass to particle but
    string also say it can choose
    mass by vibration
    and somebody say string theory
    made assume standars is wrong
    i am curious about these two
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    Higgs mechanism is an interaction which gives mass to some massless particles. This can be achieved in string theory: some string states are massless, but then acquire mass through Higgs mechanism. String states which are intrinsically massive are mostly multiples of the Planck mass so they are short-lived and far beyond detection.
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