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Superstrings and the Laws of Physics!

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    Im by no means an expert on any quantum phemonina, but here goes!

    I belive the law's of physics must be dictated by something, a physical quantity if you will. Like laws are enforced upon earth, only in a much better manner! If the smallest possible thing is one of these "superstrings", would it then be "ok", to say that superstrings dictate the rules of physics and everything, and thus being able to manipulate superstrings may be being able to change the laws of physics?

    Ive been told theres no feasable way of altering a superstring though, there way too small (like a tree compared to the universe would be 1 string). However this is from a very sceptical physisist, who beleives all practical quantum theory methods proposed (such as quantum teleportation) is "hogwash". I know some people here have more open minds, and so i was wondering what you thought! Being able to alter the laws of physics could prove invaluable, but could also prove disasterous! ANy thoughts ?
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    If your mind is too open, all the sense might leak out. If you want to listen to people who deny what modern physics has found out and confirmed by experiement, because they flatter your naive beliefs, then go right ahead. You have nothing to lose but your chance of understanding how nature really works.
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    ok, so maybe it is a bit "stupid", but if theere is indeed a place with no matter. No atoms, no neutrinos, no strings even, do the laws of physics apply there ? if theres nothing there, could laws be maintained ?

    i thought the point was that im not neccessarily listening to what this guy has said, i dont understand your second part of that reply :-/
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    if theres nothing there , how can laws govern nothing?
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