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Supersymmetry and Superparticles

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    In a nutshell, could someone refresh my memory on supersymmetry and superparticles. I have trouble understanding these subjects of string theory.
    Let's say we have a fermonic string of spin -1\2. What is it's superparticle's spin? Is it bosonic?

    Thanks to all
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    The theory has strings with fermionic and bosonic degrees of freedom, that is all. No a elementary object being fermioni or bosonic.
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    What do you mean by degrees of freedom?
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    The chart available at the following link should be helpful regarding particles, superparticles, and spin:

    http://thinkzone.wlonk.com/Physics/PartHyp.htm [Broken]
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    Thanks, that helps.
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    Partner-superpartner spin relation?

    According to this chart, the spin of a superpartner is always -1/2 the spin of the "ordinary" partner" except for the higgsino which is +1/2 the spin of the higgs.
    I aways wondered why the photino couldn't have a spin of 3/2 instead of 1/2, for example.
    Any references or explanations to explain why this is?


    Jim Graber
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