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Supersymmetry Demystified

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    I'm not sure if you want a book that specifically relates to Supersymmetry because Roger Penrose's The Road to Reality is technical yet extremely detailed although it is 1136 pages long (It doesn't discuss Supersymmetry thoroughly but gives a detailed reservoir of ideas and information to understand it easier and with more intuition. I heard that Supersymmetry Demystified isn't written pleasantly, I'm sure there are other books that discuss Supersymmetry with more technicalities and description.
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    I'm not looking for any SUSY book in particular right now, still chipping away Zee's QFT. So far I haven't had positive experience with the other Demystified series, so wondering if this book is good for intro, or if one shouldn't even bother with it.
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    My experience with the Demystified series is limited to two books, QFT which is useless junk in my opinion, and SUSY which is not. The author of the SUSY book is a PF member.
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    Kudos to the author. :smile:

    I'll definitely consider it.
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    I do not know about the particular book but i own the quantum mechanics book of the series and i have to say that it wasn't demystifying at all. The author took many things for granted so it was quite confusing and difficuld to follow at least for someone who had no idea about the subject.
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    Where can one find a preview of the book to browse?
  9. Jul 14, 2010 #8
    Amazon has the "look inside" feature.
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