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Supplement to Advanced Calculus

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    Hello, Things have gone pretty well, I changed my major to math (used to be physics) and Im starting third semester in 10 days. Ill be taking Linear Algebra 2, Abstract Algebra 1 and Multivariable Calculus, plus 2 courses in Literature and one on Nietzsche and Foucault.
    So, Im studyng Mike Artins book on Algebra (course uses Fraleight I think) and for LA I hope what I get from Artin is enough (course uses Friedberg et al), since the bulk of the work this semester will be coming from Calc 3, for the theorical stuff Im going with Loomis & Stenberg Advanced Calculus, which i already started working, I had heard it was a really dry and not so friendly book, but right now Ill thorughly recommended it to anyone wanting to learn some good analysis, the authors really try hard in teaching the topic. Anyway, of course the course doenst require me to learn from this book, its just the common Calc 3 which uses Stewart, so Ill be needing an intuitive book on the subject too, since I already checked the course webpage and I cant do most of the exercises (make that none) So the question will be, what will you recommend to complement Loomis Stenberg? Or any book you want to throw in the mix will be great. Thanks
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