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Supplement to spivak's calc on manifolds

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    so i checked out Spivak's calculus on manifolds today, to work on while i'm in colorado this summer. i just finished up this semester with calc3 (multivariable), and i've take matrix theory and linear algebra as well. should I be good to go on this book at this point? I'd like to know since I'm leaving tomorrow morning, and therefore lose my access to the university library.
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    i have never seen that book but generally I think if you're comfortable (ie seen it before) with the stuff in the first chapter or 2 it would be 'safe' to try to work on it.
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    yeah, right after i posted that, i started up at the beginning. i think i'm good to give it a go, but, it looks like it's going to be a bit tough.
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    In my course, they suggested that we look at Munkres' "Analysis on Manifolds" as well (whereas Spivak's book was the main book).
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    the only technical prerequisite for spivak is linear algebra, and logic, and one variable calc.
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