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Homework Help: Supplementary Books?

  1. Sep 10, 2005 #1
    I am looking for some physics books that I can use as supplementary instruction to help me with my 101 course. Something like Physics for Dummies or Physics Made Easy. I just want some extra "oomph" to help me with my homework.

    I've just been to Barnes and Noble, however it seems that all of the books I have found have used the rate of acceleration as the exact 9.8m/s/s - while my textbook tries to ease the burden and rounds it up to a full 10m/s/s. This is no good for me! Can anyone suggest some books that also use the 10...or on a side note, are there any other equations/calculations that differ from text to text that I should be aware of before I actually spend 20-30 on a book?
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