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Supplementary courses for pure math major and general advice

  1. Jul 4, 2012 #1
    I'd appreciate advice on a small predicament. I'm applying to transfer to Universities this fall semester. I have very few GE classes left to take (actually, only one) and a handful of math classes. I plan to apply to UCSD, UC Berkeley, two other UC's (just because I can apply to four simultaneously with the same application- probably UCSB and UCD), Caltech, and Stanford. The latter two are more just dream applications and the Caltech entrance exam gives me a good motivator for self study.

    Anywho... This semester I have a spare spot for a course in order to maintain my full-time status, but I don't NEED to take anything. I am considering physics, C++ programming, a foreign language (lots to choose from), and I have the option of doing a "selected topics in math" where I can essentially work with an instructor on chosen material (this is non-transferable). I am equally interested in all of these.

    Here is what I'm going to take in the fall:

    Linear Algebra or Transition to Higher Mathematics (cross enrollment at university) for 3 units
    Calculus II for 4 units
    Advanced Composition (English) for 3 units

    I could take two more classes, but I don't need to and I'd like to have a lot of time to study on my own, work on college/scholarship applications, and tutor. As a pure math major (I'm interested in grad school and doing an REU this summer), as well as considering my upcoming applications, what would be most beneficial for me to take? I've noticed some schools prefer physics courses and some computer science, while some grad programs recommend foreign language (I've taken 2 years spanish). I'm leaning towards C++ simply because it is an online class (I do very well teaching myself and with self-direction), which would free up a lot of time for me.

    Opinions, recommendations, advice, etc. greatly appreciated.
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